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Put funds to work faster and drive greater educational impact with Follett Destiny® Fundraising Manager. 

Destiny Fundraising Manager platform revolutionizes educational fundraising, providing administrators with unparalleled control and visibility, enabling precise tracking of every dollar from inception to impact, all while nurturing a culture of transparency in the business of education.

Better Insights

Better Insights:


Gain clear insights into all fundraising efforts, site-wise and campaign-specific, ensuring responsible fund allocation down to the penny. 

Compliance Assurance

Compliance Assurance:  

Rely on a secure environment that seamlessly integrates with your accounting team, simplifying donor and fund tracking in a centralized and compliant way. 

Cost Effective Engagement

Cost-Effective Engagement:

Foster community involvement for impactful outcomes, utilizing a versatile platform that streamlines the giving process. 

Purpose-Built for Impact, Intuitively Designed for All.

  • Intuitive reporting and; transparency into district-wide fundraising activity 
  • Increased oversight via approval processes and checkpoints 
  • Compliance alignment with district objectives 
  • Integration with district-wide accounting platforms 
  • Donor and donation trend tracking 
  • Increased internal and community engagement year round 
  • Insights into classroom objectives and fundraising activity 
  • Additional touch points with teachers, students, and community 
  • Reports for district administration 
  • Increased staff engagement with incentives and leaderboards 
  • Increased student and community engagement 
  • Easy campaign setup with unlimited email outreach  
  • Shareable campaigns via social media and QR codes 
  • Engagement with school community and additional touch points to support students 
  • Ability to create engaging campaigns and make giving fun for all 
  • Ease of use – donate within seconds to support your student's school 
  • Secure, flexible payment options powered by Stripe 
  • Effortless reporting and receipt features for tax deductions 
  • Improved availability of resources, technology, and diverse learning methods 
  • Comprehensive support from the school community 
  • Immediate advantages through faster funding for classrooms and schools 

Complementary Solutions 

Library & Resource Management

At Follett we offer multiple options to choose from for library and resource management solutions to fit your district's unique needs for managing school resources.

Software Training

With Follett-powered software, you get access to a team of experts that can provide the support you need. They speak your language, know your pain points, and can provide hands-on experience and real-life examples to help you excel.

Hardware and Barcodes
Support digital learning, protect your assets, and enhance Follett Destiny® Library Manager with our barcode scanners, labels, printers, and RFID inventory products.


 Customizable, multi-step fundraiser approval process

 Financial tracking and routing options

 Donor and donation tracking and reporting

  Fully PCI compliant

 Customizable multi-step campaign approval process

 Audit trail of all campaign activities

 Accounting code entry process

 "District Finance Team Approved” reporting 

 Unlimited fundraising and administrative accounts 

 Numerous fundraising campaign options 

 Public organization fundraising pages 

 Unlimited email marketing/outreach 

 Social sharing links and QR codes 

Follett Destiny Fundraising Manager: Greater educational impact.  

Down to the penny. 

*Offer valid on new orders only received by Follett School Solutions before 5pm CT on April 30, 2024. Prices as marked are 20% off regular pricing for first subscription and 20% off initial implementation fees. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.